Investment Management Services

Property Asset Management LLC was formed to provide high-quality, personalized investment property management services nationwide. Our team of professional asset and investment managers average 15 years of experience each in management of investment real estate and assets. Our focus is helping investors to maximize income and cash flow by employing unique asset management strategies. We work with all types of investment real estate from small single unit residential properties through large multi-unit residential, commercial and industrial real estate. Our approach includes creating a customized asset management strategy that incorporates your goals as a real estate investor and core strategies for maximizing your return on investment.

Our services include:

Full Service Investment Property Management РA full service solution designed to create a truly passive income stream from your investment real estate assets. We provide everything needed to maximize your investment property income: rental and leasing, rent collection including a website with e-commerce capability and e-check/ACH, coordinating maintenance and repairs, preventative maintenance, late notices/evictions, project management, maintenance inspections, monthly accounting and financial statements.

Limited Service Investment Property Management – A limited solution that is customized based on your exact needs. We provide just the services you desire for your investment real estate at a reduced cost.

Investment Property Analysis and Consulting – Designed to help you analyze investment property before acquisition. Our team of expert real estate investors and managers will review the potential property acquisition and provide a full report of potential return on investment, repair concerns, location analysis, development potential and much more. This valuable service can prevent you from making an investment mistake before you make the purchase.

Investment Property Accounting and Tax Planning – A limited financial solution to help you monitor and maximize your investment property performance. We will create monthly financial statements, coordinate bill payments, rent collections (includes websites with e-commerce capability and e-check/ACH) and deposits, and assist you with monitoring the monthly financial performance of your investment real estate holdings.

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